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Learn more about Twin Cities Retirement Education and our events.

Who is Twin Cities Retirement Education?

We organize local educational events focused on near or recent retirees. We then find local experts from various industries to speak to attendees at the events.

Who should attend an event?

Our speakers specialize in working with near or recent retirees. Generally, if you are over 50, are thinking of retiring in the next handful of years, or are recently retired, our events would likely be a good fit.

Will I be pressured to buy anything?

At Twin Cities Financial Education, we’re all about educating near or recent retirees on topics that matter most (it’s our name, after all!). The experts we bring in are there to help, not pressure you into buying something. We have a strict “no sales pressure” rule for selected presenters.

While presenters may hand out their business cards or brochures to provide background on their company, guests have no obligation to engage with any speaker during or after the event. Guests may receive marketing emails or communication after the event but can unsubscribe any time.

How does a typical event work?

Once you have registered, you’ll show up at the event’s specified location on the given date and time. There are typically three different professionals who will present on retirement topics with a short break in the middle of the presentation. After the presentation is over, many presenters stay for a short while to answer specific questions you may have. You should receive an agenda with further information when you show up at the event.

What topics will I learn about?

The presenters will focus on topics that matter most to retirees. For example, past presenters have spoken on the following topics:

  • Estate Planning

  • How to downsize your home once you are empty nesters

  • Protecting your assets or your parent’s assets from a nursing home

  • How to know if you have enough money to retire

  • Tips for maximizing the sale of a home

  • Social Security

  • Retirement portfolio management and withdrawal strategies

  • Taxation minimization in retirement

  • Proper asset titling to avoid probate

Who are the speakers?

We seek out local professionals who have in-depth knowledge on their topics and work with retirees. You can learn more about the presenters at specific events by visiting the registration page. All presenters pledge to focus on educating anyone who attends our events. While we have experience finding trusted professionals, we do not specifically endorse them. By attending, you understand the information is for general education purposes only. We recommend you consult with a trusted professional who can speak to your situation specifically.

Any other questions?

Give us a call or email us, and we’ll be happy to answer! Our phone number is 651-424-0600, and our email is

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